Housing  Loan Scheme
This Scheme is available for Salaried Employees, Doctors, Chartered Accounts, and Traders etc. to purchase new plot, flat or for construction of house etc.
Minimum 25% margin required.
The repayment period will be maximum 240 months.
The Purchased plot, flat or constructed house will be treated as prime security and if borrower had LIC Policies, assigned policies will be treated as collateral security.
Interest Rate
Interest Rate will be @11.75% for first 3 Years if borrower is having I.T.Returns filled as per books of accounts, other borrowers will be charged the interest          @13.75% p.a. The Interest rate after completion of 3 Years will be linked with PLR. The   PLR will be declared at Annual rest.
Tentative Required Documents
1. Estimate of Construction or Copy of Agreement to Sale.
2. Deposit Margin in saving accounts
3. Last 3 Years Financial statements with I.T.Returns.
4. Two Guarantors & their Income related documents& property related documents.
5. LIC policy & Borrower business related documents.
6. KYC documents of Borrower & Guarantors.
Loan Handling Charges
1. Loanup to Rs50,000/- Rs.150/-
2. Loanabove Rs50,001/- to 1 lakh Rs.200/-
3. Loan above Rs.1 lakh Rs.200/- per lakh.
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