Cash Credit Loan Scheme

This Scheme is available for small and medium size Business etc.


Minimum 25% margin required

The repayment period will be 12months maximum.
stock & property or Machinery will be treated as prime security and LIC Policywill be treated as collateral security.
Interest Rate
Interest Rate will be @12% upto 2lakhs and @13.50% above 2lakhs. The   PLR will be declared at Annual rest.
Tentative Required Documents
1. Stock Statement& fresh property card.
2. 3 Years Balance sheet and Profit & loss A/c.
3. Shop Act License.
4. SLast 3 Years Financial statements with I.T.Returns.
5. Two Guarantors & their Income related documents& property related documents.
6. KYC documents of Borrower & Guarantors
Loan Handling Charges
1. Loanup to Rs50,000/- Rs.150/-
2. Loanabove Rs50,001/- to 1 lakh Rs.200/-
3. Loan above Rs.1 lakh Rs.200/- per lakh.
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