Board of Directors
The Board of Directors under the leadership of late Adarniya P.D.Patilsaheb are well versed with banking knowledge. The Board of Directors are educated and vast experience in various fields like agriculture, trade, commerce, industries including banking. The board is also taking active participation in social activities which created a special image of bank at Karad.  The Board of Directors are formulated as per provisions of the Act where includes two Chartered  Accountants as expert Directors .
Name Designation Profession Photo
Mr. Ashok Pandurang Patil
Chairman Agriculture
Mr.  Mukund Dattatray Kulkarni 
Vice Chairman Business
Mr .Hemant Jeram Thakkar
Director Business
Adv.Chadrakant Baburao Kadam
B.A., LLB.
Director Advocate
Mr .Balasaheb Prataprao Jagadale
Director Agriculture
Mr. Nandkumar Laxmanrao Batane Director Business
Mr. Ramchandra Pandurang Pawar Director Business
Mr.Sagar Ashok Patil
Director Business
Mr.Umesh Dadaso Kadam Director Agriculture
Mr.Shamrao Jaysing Mule Director Business
Mr.Sambhaji Shrirang Pisal
Director Agriculture
Mr.Shirish Shivaji Wankar Director Business
Mr Majjid Makabul Ambakari Director Business
Mr. Saurabh  Ashok Patil Director Business
Mr.Sudhakar Nivrutti Ramugade Director Business
Mrs.Ranjana Sambhajirao Patil
Director Service  
Mrs.  Anjani Anilkumar Shah
Director Doctor
Mr. Anil S Kulkarni Director Chartered  Accountant
Mr. Anand B Chandak Director Chartered  Accountant
Mr . Sanjay Ramchadra Nemane
B.Com., G.D.C.& A
General Manager
Mr. Gopal Hanmant Salave Staff
Branch Manager
Mr. Najmuddin Gulab Momin, C.A.I.I.B., C.F.A. , G.D.C & A
C.E.O. Chief Executive Officer
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